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The Massage Business Academy’s
Premiere 90 Day Training Program
Get M.O.R.E. N.O.W.!more-clients-more-money

The Get M.O.R.E. N.O.W. System is designed for the massage practitioner who’s ready to turn their gifted hands into a purposeful and profitable practice, AND…

  1. Receive step by step instruction for growing your practice
  2. Get actual templates for all your practice paperwork
  3. Enjoy hands on mentorship from a 20 year veteran
  4. Gain access to experts in all fields of business to take the guess work out of running your business
  5. Get ongoing support and mentorship for your mindset, marketing, and monetization

The Get M.O.R.E. N.O.W. Program was created is to help Massage Therapists who are tired of experiencing burnout, overwhelm, and being broke.

Over the years, this work has transformed healers like yourself into profitable practitioners who feel more on fire and on purpose because they no longer struggle or strain with the business aspects of being a massage therapist. Talk about freeing!

In just 12 weeks, you’ll discover how to transform your gifted hands into a growing massage practice that allows you more time, more money, more peace of mind – AND more customer happiness!

If this program speaks to you, don’t delay. Enroll today!


Introduction To The Massage Business Academy

Discover what graduates of The Massage Business Academy already know – that you’ve just joined forces with a community of like-minded healers who are rooting for your success! Get immersed in your new way of thinking, being, and doing so that you can create your next level of success in your massage practice in record time.

Module 1: Master Your Messaging

Collapse the learning curve for creating your dream practice. Define your ideal client and most effective way to start attracting them to you. Become magnetic by fine-tuning your marketing messaging to their wants, needs and desires.

Module 2: Outline Your Offerings

Uncover your pricing and packaging sweet-spots to magnetize loyal, consistent, and cash-friendly customers.

Q&A Week

Come ready to get all your questions answered from the first two modules of the program. Experience Yvonne’s hands-on, laser-focused mentoring style while getting feedback on the work you’ve done so far in the program.

Module 3: Rock Your Retention Rate

Raise the vibration of your practice with proven strategies for retaining your clients. Demystify client retention and instantly increase the consistency and frequency of their visits. Watch your practice fill to overflowing with a steady stream of happy, healthy customers that keep coming back for more!

Module 4: Educate Your Way To Success

Attune yourself with your clients’ needs by asking the right questions during their intake and prior to every session. This increases your healing power and serves your clients more deeply. and creates joyful, loyal lifetime clients.

Q&A Week

Come ready to get all your questions answered from Modules 3 and 4 of the program. Experience Yvonne’s hands-on, laser-focused mentoring style while getting feedback on the work you’ve done so far in the program.

Module 5: Nurturing Techniques That Create Customer Loyalty

Caress clients into VIPs – both on the table and between visits with your own signature client nurture system. VIP treatment creates joyful, loyal lifetime customers and turns them into raving referral sources.

Module 6: Organize Your Practice For Success

Balance and harmonize your practice with simple six figure success secrets. This includes insights into managing your time, money, schedule, and patient documentation to build trust and consistency with your clients.

Module 7: Winning Strategies For Sustainability

Master the art of celebrating your obstacles, challenges and successes to create sustainability within your practice. Transforming your obstacles and challenges into powerful structures ensures profitability by keeping you connected to your passion for your practice.

Private Mentoring Wrap Up With The Massage Business Academy CEO Yvonne Larson

To complete your program, you’ll spend an hour with Yvonne on your private mentoring call where you’ll measure your results, identify next steps and areas of improvement, get your questions answered, and celebrate your success!



In addition to the weekly trainings, when you enroll in The Get M.O.R.E. N.O.W. Program, you also get the following bonuses worth MORE than the price of the program itself:

  1. 24/7 online access to comprehensive training modules
  2. Ready-to-use template form for tracking client life cycle
  3. 3 High Impact calls with The Massage Business Academy Founder Yvonne Larson
  4. An accountability partner to keep you on track throughout the program
  5. Ongoing email support from Yvonne and The Massage Business Academy staff
  6. 1 30 minute private coaching practice assessment with Yvonne
  7. The Massage Business Academy’s Signature Starter System Kit
  8. The Massage Business Academy’s Signature Client Loyalty Kit


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