The Surprising Truth about Motivational Speaking… 

Motivational speaking is a very misunderstood concept. Most people think it’s about inspiring people, spreading positivity or rescuing the world. If that’s what you think, then you probably don’t consider yourself as a candidate for motivational speaking. That’s the job for all those ultra-confident, ninja-life-hacking gurus of the world.

Here’s the surprising truth about motivational speaking. It is nothing more than sharing what it is YOU are passionate about in life. What? Really!? YES! Motivation is WHY you do something. The why is your message. Just as Mahatma Gandhi said, “My life is a message.” YOURS is too! An amazing thing starts to happen when you share YOUR message.

Now that I’ve made motivational speaking sound ridiculously simple, I want to clarify there is a huge difference between sharing your message and being a blabbermouth about what you do. When you master sharing you will accelerate the growth of your business three-fold. What are the THREE ways your business will grow? Keep reading!

The problem with networking events…

Someone told you that you “should” get out there network to build your business and so you’ve been out there trying. You’ve tried several networking organizations trying to find the “right one” that will produce consistent referrals for your business. You just kept spending your time and money with little to no results. 

Blabbermouthing till I’m blue in the face.

That was totally me! There simply weren’t any quality networking events. No one cared or understood. It wasn’t ME that ineffective. Obviously, THEY weren’t listening or sharing right.

Here I was, trying one more time. Maybe, this new place would have quality referral partners…

Hello, My name is Yvonne and blah blah blah…” The friendly chiropractor in front of me could clearly send me loads clients. He kept asking me clarifying questions. I thought to myself, why doesn’t he understand me. I was getting frustrated. My heart sank into my stomach. I guess I’m never going to create any strategic business partners. I’m going to have to work, alone, harder the necessary, to build my practice… forever!

“When people are laughing, they’re buying.”

If that’s the truth, then what am I doing wrong? When I’m talking people are having fun, they’re laughing and they seem genuinely interested. If they’re engaged and enthusiastic about what I’m sharing, why aren’t they aren’t taking any action? None of this makes any sense to me. How on earth am I going to get people to understand that I have something valuable? I’m not just another massage therapist. I have years of experience and a specialty.

The phone call that changed everything.

“Hello there Yvonne! We have an opportunity for you to speak for 10 minutes at our next meeting. You can share your skills and knowledge with the entire group. Make sure you aren’t salesy in any way. Are you interested?”

Interested? NO!

Willing? Uhhh, um, okay.

EVERYONE starts off terrified of public speaking…

…including me. I was terrified but accepted the challenge anyway. Courage gets you over the fear. Taking action gets you the results. My fear faded and excitement escalated when I received an email with all the criteria for my talk. I had a template. Woo Hoo! That goof-proof template helped me create my message.

Cashing-in consistently by mastering your message.

My day to speak arrived. All my life I had been performing on stage singing and acting. Was this moment easy? NO! My nerves were off the charts. 

“…Thank You.” Ten minutes had flown by and my talk had ended. I was showered with support, encouragement and nurturing. How delightful! Three incredible things happened that day… I, 

  1. Elevated my visibility in the organization by positioning myself as an expert.
  2. Gained credibility by sharing my expertise.
  3. Increased my marketability. [People finally understood what I did and could EFFECTIVELY refer others to me.]

It’s time to share YOUR message.

Your life is a message. With that message, you have the ability to inspire others. You will easily and effortlessly connect with the perfect clients and see your practice grow!

Want my goof-proof template?

Download 2-step Motivationally Speaking Your Superpowers System to create, capture & effectively share your message!