How to Cheat at Confidence and Get Away with It!

CHEAT at confidence! What does that even mean? It means challenging yourself to use your infinite reserves of COURAGE! Courage gives you the confidence that gives you the competence to do ANYTHING.

Confidence is to have FULL trust in your abilities. It’s self-reliance. Where does it come from? All those things that are uniquely you, those things areas of life you’re naturally talented at, gifted in or were compelled to excel at… These are the areas then you ALREADY KNOW what it is like to have confidence. 

You borrow this confidence through courage and TRANSFER those experiences over into new areas of your life that will bring you more joy, freedom, and results.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’re practically having an out-of-body experience to escape the fear and doubt you’re feeling over moving into the next phase of your massage practice. Yet you know you can’t keep doing the SAME thing in your massage practice if you want to give up all those side jobs to make ends meet…

I get it. I did too.

That memory of excruciating, paralyzing anxiety.

Struggling with my excessive self-consciousness, fear, doubt and worry over being rejected by others, while trying to create a massage practice from thin air… without any resources, competence or branding experience was a huge problem.  My drive, enthusiasm, and creativity didn’t seem to be enough for me to get my very first private client.

Never had I needed to create motivating marketing campaigns, have sales conversations or go to networking meetings before I moved to L.A. In Houston, my practice effortlessly took off directly from my internship hours. My “practice” clients became my permanent clients. Those clients became my raving fans who told their friend and family to come see me. Easy-Peasy!


The moment of truth.

There I stood, all dolled up, in a fancy boutique with these beautiful handmade flyers (tucked away in my bag) “ready” to hand out in hopes of getting my first clients in LA.  As I’m wandering down the aisle by aisle my anxiety is getting more and more intense. My mind is racing with, “I simply can’t do this.” I begin feeling my heart rate increasing. As the blood starts rushing to my face, ears, and neck, I suddenly feel completely overwhelmed. I dash out the door to my car. Sitting there in my car the tears start streaming down my face. Why does this have to be so hard? All I want is to find incredible people like the ones I had back home to heal and to serve.

 Courage came to save the day!

The emotions passed. The overwhelm disappeared. All I could hear were all of those wonderful words of praise, support, and encouragement of my old clients passing through my mind.

Two thoughts came to mind. Fear is just false expectations appearing real and courage overcomes fear. BOOM! Courage!! That voice in my head shouted, “You can do this.”

I love people and I’m awesome!

I’m going back inside and I’m just going BE ME! I walk back in, having decided to just browse the store and wait for a conversation to organically occur. As I’m gazing into the full-length mirror wearing this gorgeous hunter-green linen skirt, I hear… “WOW, that’s stunning on you!” Yay! I was now having an engaging conversation with a local, native Californian! We chatted, we giggled and we connected. Without me even trying, she asked ME for a business card. I reached into my purse to hand her my flyer. Whew! I didn’t die. LOL!

Why am I sharing this story with you? Well, for one to let YOU know that I really have felt the fear and used courage to get through the challenges of creating my massage practice.


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