How to take your Practice from Obscure to In-Demand!

Your gifts will create purpose, passion, and profits. Owning your gifts is probably the best-kept secret to ensuring you live a life of fulfillment. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, you better OWN your gifts, talents, and skills. This is the awesome-sauce that makes your unique BRAND of Bodywork!

Your gifts are all those things that you could do blindfolded with your hands tied behind your back. It’s what makes up YOUR one-of-a-kind BRAND of bodywork. The best news is that It’s what you can charge the MOST for in your massage practice!

STOP sitting there racking your brain with questions like…

Do I really have unique gifts I bring to my practice? Is she really talking to me? YES! I am. The next thing I’m assuming is that you’re rationalizing how or why you can charge more because of these things. The good news is I’m going to answer those questions right now.


What you don’t know can kill your success.

Call me clueless I guess, for assuming I could work a few months doing hotel calls until I saved up enough money to rent an office and met some locals to become my first clients. The rules of the game were totally different here in L.A. than they were back home in Houston. It seemed like the deck was stacked against me. The brilliant idea was partnering with the hotels and hustling to stay top-of-mind. The hard part was ALWAYS being on call to make ends meet.


Drowning in a sea of saturation and competition.

As I discovered that L.A. was saturated by massage therapists and it seemed no one would take me seriously, it became clear I had to do something different. I don’t go around bragging and boasting. I’m NOT going to compare myself to other people. I certainly don’t want to put other therapists down. How do I go from an obscure therapist to a highly sought after and in-demand therapist?

My lightbulb moment provides the simple solution.

Aha! In Mary Kay, they always said, “Sell the sizzle.” Okay. So what is my sizzle? Since my work had always spoken for itself, I had never actually taken inventory of what made my clients love my work. I knew people complimented me a lot and I felt loved, appreciated and respected. Why did all my Houston clients prioritize their weekly session and commit to an hour drive 1-way to come see me? I needed to know what my USP [unique selling proposition] actually was in order to make an impression, an impact and an easy “say-yes” offer. OMG! That’s it. That client who had once suggested that I let people know that I was a neck specialist since I was the only one she knew who did my technique.

How I solved the “gifts” mystery.

The answer was clear. I had over 10K hours of experience and I had a specialty. It wasn’t bragging if it was just the plain simple truth! By working 50 hours every week for my first three years in practice I had achieved had achieved a ridiculous number of hours and I really had developed a skill for neck work that no one else was doing. A simple aha gave me the courage to go the next level and claim all my experience in print. 


Ahhh the sweet smell of success and fulfillment!

I got business cards made that said, “Master Massage Therapist and Neck Work Expert.” Then the magic began to happen. My confidence peaked and my books started to fill up. I began getting house calls, I did fewer hotel calls and finally put that deposit down on my first L.A. office. The rest… is history!


Now, it’s YOUR moment.

Brainstorm on the gifts you bring to your practice. Let your mind stroll down memory lane to those amazing moments where your family, friends or clients showered you with praise. These are SOME of your gifts!

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed trying to package your gifts into your Unique Brand of Bodywork?

 No worries! Let’s Brainstorm together. Schedule Brand of Bodywork Brainstorm Session now.