The Get M.O.R.E. N.O.W. Program is a 12 week online training program that walks you step by step through my signature success system for transforming your gifts as a massage practitioner into a purpose-driven and profitable practice. Throughout the 12 weeks, I train you on the 7 steps to growing your practice and provide Q&A and mentorship along the way.

The 7 training modules include:
Module 1: Master Your Messaging
Module 2: Outline Your Offerings
Module 3: Rock Your Retention Rate
Module 4: Educate Your Way To Success
Module 5: Nurturing Techniques That Create Customer Loyalty
Module 6: Organize Your Practice For Success
Module 7: Winning Strategies For Sustainability

The program bonuses are actually worth more than your total investment – that’s how committed I am to your success and happiness! Specifically, when you enroll in the Get M.O.R.E. N.O.W. Online Training Program, you also get the following bonuses worth MORE than the price of the program itself:

  1. 24/7 online access to comprehensive training modules
  2. Ready-to-use template form for tracking client life cycle
  3. Three (3) High Impact calls with The Massage Business Academy Founder Yvonne Larson
  4. An accountability partner to keep you on track throughout the program
  5. Ongoing email support from Yvonne and The Massage Business Academy staff
  6. One (1) 30 minute private coaching practice assessment with Yvonne
  7. The Massage Business Academy’s Signature Starter System Kit
  8. The Massage Business Academy’s Signature Client Loyalty Kit
This program is specifically geared toward the massage practitioner who wants to grow their practice – regardless of whether you’re just starting out or ready to take yourself to the next level. The modules and training can help you build a 5 figure practice, or take your practice into 6 figures.
If you are providing massage as a service you get paid for, you are a business owner. This program helps you step into ownership of your right to get paid for your gifts while learning how to provide exceptional service as you grow your purpose-driven and profitable practice.
Yvonne’s mentoring style is hands-on, heartfelt, patient, and enthusiastic. She’s a massage therapist just like you who loves showing practitioners like you how to grow your practice and become purposefully profitable. If you’d like to connect with Yvonne personally, set up a complimentary call with her here.
These programs are virtual, so you can start when you are ready and go at your own pace.
Every week you will receive an email reminder of that week’s training call and a link to the online module for additional training. This entire program is digitally delivered and experienced. No cumbersome binders to sort through. No CDs or DVDs to lose or break.
You will work with Yvonne in a group setting every week for 11 weeks. In the final week of the program, you get a one-on-one session with Yvonne. And throughout the 12 weeks, you also have direct access to Yvonne via email and in the private Facebook group. The content has been designed to be very experiential, so you will be doing eye-opening and transformative exercises, along with results-oriented action steps.

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