Since launching in 2013, The Massage Business Academy has quickly become the #1 online training program for massage practitioners who want to transform their brilliance into a purpose-driven and profitable business – without all the guess work, overwhelm, frustration, and stress of trying to wing it on their own.

Founder Yvonne Larson, a serial entrepreneur and massage therapist with 20+ years experience in building profitable health and wellness businesses, designed each of The Massage Business Academy’s three flag ship programs after working with countless massage therapists and hearing common fears and frustrations around how to turn their passion into profits.


“I designed The Massage Business Academy programs based on a need I saw within our community. At the time, massage therapists were not getting the training they needed to go out and successfully launch their own private practice. As someone who’s built multiple successful businesses, I applied the same business principles that catapulted my success in other ventures – and quickly built a thriving and immediately successful massage practice – to each of The Massage Business Academy programs.”

At The Massage Business Academy, each level of training is step-by-step and easy to follow and implement. As a student, you’re only directed to do the next necessary step to advance your practice so that you don’t experience burn out before brilliance.

Our training programs help you side step all the challenges and obstacles that accompany building your massage practice so that you avoid overwhelm and experience rapid success.

With The Massage Business Academy’s step-by-step systems for success, you know exactly where to start, what to do next, and how to stay on track to increase your income and avoid untimely mistakes or poor investments.

“My goal for you in your first 90 days of training is for you
to begin to receive the riches and abundance rolling in –
as they have for me in my business –
and for the many other practitioners
I have already mentored to success & freedom!”